Thursday, May 29, 2008


So, here we are. It's been quite an adventure to even get to this point, all things considered. Of course, there was the semester, topped off by finals, which seems to have been an age ago. Then, Deadweek and the massive over-socialization, random eating habits, and complete lack of sleep (at least for me...). It was topped off by an amazing movie, for which our entire class deserves mad props.
Then Steve, Chris and I piled into his tiny car, and more importantly, managed to fit all the stuff all three of us wanted to bring down to Louisville into the tiny little car. It was really something of a miracle; clown car physics were certainly in effect! And the three of us drove from New Haven to Louisville, about 820 miles and 14 hours of driving, on less than six hours of sleep between the three of us.

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**EDIT: This is actually not the route we took... we went south sooner and drove through MD and WV, the route they show you if you look up New Haven to Louisville, but for whatever reason, doesn't show up on the embedded map...**

We basically got here Monday night and crashed, to get ready for our big first day at the office on Tuesday. We've been acclimating to our new schedule, which is rather recognizable even to adults now! Steve and I work 9-5, and Chris works 7-3. Rebecca gets to set her own schedule, which I am only a little jealous of. (I don't work very well by my own schedule. Not enough discipline.) At some point, I'll write more about my office, but for the moment I'll content myself with mentioning that I work with very warm and very intelligent people at a neat non-profit development group, CNPE.
Tonight we had a lovely event at the historic Filson Club, topped off by the declaration of May 29, 2008 as "Bulldogs in the Bluegrass Day" in Louisville and keynote speeches by the director and a local amateur historian. This weekend, we've got a scavenger hunt, canoe trip, and picnic and concert in the park planned. Looks like we're going to be plenty busy!
Anyway, this blog is going to be a lot more interesting as we get more funny stories and everyone else accepts their invitation to write. Plus, Chris has been taking lots of great pictures, which we will post in the near future. But I thought this might be a nice introduction to our experiences here, and I hope you'll stick with us!

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Jessica said...

not quite as epic as new orleans to new haven, but you get points for the additional luggage. hurrah for epic roadtrips! we should drive off into the sunset someday together.