Friday, June 6, 2008


So ends Week 2 of work here in Louisville. Main thing I've learned: I like establishment. I'm working for the founder of the Bulldogs Across America program and Teach Kentucky, a two-year teaching program that puts recent college grads into Kentucky schools, mostly in the Louisville area. They're both cool programs, although it has taken a while for me to warm up to Teach Kentucky.

The problem for me is how tenuous everything seems. Bulldogs and Teach Kentucky are basically run by two people (plus me) out of their homes. As much as I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of working out of the dorm and coffee shops and being able to wear whatever I want to work in, sometimes I wish it were a little more professional and I had an office to go to and come home from every day. Bulldogs is definitely going in a good direction and is adding new cities next summer, but I have serious doubts as to the long-term viability of Teach Kentucky. Actually seeing how these ventures work from the backside is rather ugly and stresses me out. I guess I've been at Yale too long. There, everything is sleek, there's enough money to bribe God for good weather on Bulldog Days, and you never have to see the ugly side of the business of Yale. It has definitely given me unrealistic expectations of what it is actually like to run something.

Well, I guess there goes my entrepreneurial dream if I ever had one. Sorry for the rambling; I guess it's just been a long week.

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Jon Markman said...

I worked a similar type of job when I did the Bulldogs in Monterrey program (or as I called it, "Bulldogos in Mexico"), so I feel your pain; it's nice to be able to sleep in and stuff, but you just feel...weird not doing traditional 'work'. Plus, everyone gives you shit for having a better life than them! But they just suck, so don't worry about them.

What I found by the end of the summer was that setting a strict schedule for yourself (Google Calendar is awesome for this) helped keep my mind focused even if I didn't strictly speaking need it to get everything done. If nothing else, it made me feel like I had a firm grasp on what was going on.(shrug)

Also, I should note that the CAPTCHA for this comment is 'mclufnn'. I guess there's a Superbad fan over there...