Saturday, June 21, 2008

We are Champions 4 Her

This morning Katie, Chris, and I woke up far earlier than we would have liked to participate in the Champions 4 Her 5k walk and run. The event was held to raise money for ten area organizations that support women and women's issues, so it was pretty cool. Chris proved to the world today that he is, in fact, a BAMF coming in with a time just over 20 minutes. Katie and I like to the think that we won the walking part of the 5k, with our time of 50 minutes. Not bad considering we walked all the way to Indiana and back (my first time there!). Afterwards, we went to a Waffle House in Indiana (Katie's first time at that fine establishment), and then I went to sleep until 2pm. All in all, a pretty good morning.

Update! Chris is more badass than originally thought. He won first in his age group! Go Chris go!


Steve said...

Chris also won in his age group (20-23 year old), but had left before his name was announced.

Oh, so modest, Chris.

Jessica said...

never had been to a waffle house before?!?! tragedy! i insisted on going twice during our grand myrtle roadtrip. rest assured that if you do myrtle next year, there are many many waffle houses along the way.