Monday, July 28, 2008

48 Hours

Friday, July 25th
4:30 - duck out of work early (Shhhhh!!!)
5:45 - leave for camping trip
6:45 - REALLY leave for camping trip
8:00 (now in Central Time) - arrive at campsite
9:00 - finish pitching tents (and a tarp lean-to for Nick, Becca, and myself because there weren't enough tents for everyone)
9:01-1:00 am - (s'mores + ghost stories + bonding) x a helluva lot of booze

Saturday, July 26th
1:01 - bedtime underneath tarp because it's starting to rain
1:02 - Me: "I feel the rain hitting the bottom of my sleeping bag."
Becca: "Curl up in the fetal position."
1:04 - Nick: "I can feel some drops on my face."
*Commence HEAVY downpour*
*Commence scrambling out of the tarp - Nick without pants on - and running through the mud field to other tents*
1:07 - scrambled into tent with Becca, Ben, and Heather.
1:08 - Me: "Where's Nick?"
Becca: "He's gone - forget him."
1:10 - Me: " this tent waterproof?"
*Commence freaking out because water is seeping into the tent from all sides, pooling on the ground. Nick can be heard in the distance pleading to be let into tents that have no more room*
1:11-1:40 - wait in the doomed tent, waiting for the rain to subside
1:41 - GO GO GO! Sprint out of the tent, through muddied fields and to the parked cars
1:45 - 8:00 - "sleep" in uncomfortable (but dry) backseat. Becca is in another car. Nick's whereabouts are unknown.
8:01 - awake to light rain and absolutely soaked camping ground. All tents (borrowed) are soaked through, sleeping bags saturated, people drenched to the bone. Cleaning up the mess is fun. Nick is found in another car (alone), but the windows are all steamed up...
9:30 - 12:30 pm - 3-hour Mammoth Cave tour with only handheld lanterns for light (read: complete awesomeness)
1:00 - stop at Big Mike's Rock Shop (note: the road leading up to Mammoth Cave has the most impressive collection of absolutely crappy tourist shops ever known to man. Sadly, we didn't get a chance to stop by Knife & Gift Shop or The Haunted Maze)
4:30 - 6:00 - arrive home, spread everything out on grass to dry, shower
6:01 - 8:00 - dinner
8:01 - leave restaurant
8:20 - pull over to discover a flat tire
8:21 - 9:15 - hilarious attempt to fix a flat tire with Nick, Emma, and Katie trying to find a car jack (the fifth house down the street had one). We discover that Diane Sawyer from Good Morning America lives on the street.
10:00-11:15 - drinking and beer pong with the Teach Kentucky peeps
11:30 - dress-up at the dorm for the midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show
Note: Chris in a form-fitting dress and pink dog collar is an image I do not wish upon my worse enemies.

Sunday, July 27th
12:00 am - discover that the showing is sold out. People decide to go rent a movie (which apparently was unsuccessful). I decide to stay with Becca, KB, and Matt (none in drag) to watch Reservoir Dogs.
1:45- movie ends, lights turn on, everyone sees that I am in a tiny miniskirt. Leave very, very awkwardly.
2:00-3:30 - poker in my underwear. Chris still has his eye makeup on.
10:30-12 pm - fix Chris' flat tire with "SLIME." Don't ask.
2:00-5:00 - Louisville Zoo!!! I got to see penguins. Becca got attacked by a bird.


Margarita said...

tears. of. laughter.

next time you can wear the tomato dress. maybe Chris can help with your eyeliner.

Rebecca said...

BEST. POST. OF. THE. SUMMER. And so accurate too. What a crazy 48 hours.

Elliot said...

This is probably the single greatest blog post ever. And your miniskirt frightens me.