Wednesday, July 2, 2008

no address

So, my office is moving. Our move date: July 11. That is one week, two days from today. We do not have a lease yet. And much more amusingly... we no longer have an address. We'd been working on the assumption that our address was going to be 321 W. Broadway. Unfortunately, the U.S. Post Office informed us today that 321 W. Broadway does not exist, and the Metro Government of Louisville (to be posted on at some point) had changed our address. Awesome. ADDITION: Thursday, July 3, noon We almost had to scrap $300 worth of printing and $315 worth of postage because of the wrong address thing, and we almost had to start over on this horrendous mailing which has our (wrong) address at the bottom. Ye gods!

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Jessica said...

what a fun time to be an intern!