Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What I like about work

As I sit in the office today, I am inspired to make a list of a few of the things that I really like about working at the Center for Nonprofit Excellence. (Check us out on facebook or on myspace!) This is not meant to be exhaustive, or in any particular order.
1. The people. All the people I work with are very intelligent, very interesting, very dedicated people. And they're good to talk to, which makes the day go by a whole lot faster when they're here.
2. The environment. I don't mean the physical environment, because at least at our soon-to-be old office, there isn't much light, and the ceiling occasionally leaks gross stuff, etc. But the psychological environment is really open and relaxed, yet professional. Everyone's opinion is considered, though not all opinions are equally valid. That to me is a mark of excellence. I never have to worry about being 'combat ready' as I am when I am, for example, with my department.
3. The flexibility. People aren't so locked into their job descriptions that they won't do something because of it. Work gets spread around pretty well, and everyone pitches in, does their part, and genuinely wants to help other people.
4. Staff meetings. Wednesday, we had a brunch staff meeting (with bagels!) to celebrate the completion of a training we'd done last week. It was a new project, and it was pretty stressful to prepare everything for it. But it went really well, and at the staff meeting, we got to talk about what was good, what was bad, what was learned and how we can all apply it to work her, or anywhere. And staff meetings are usually like that, very open and productive and shockingly helpful.
5. The coffee. Enough said.

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Jessica said...

This is a very interesting list to someone like your wife who is about to start job searching. Thank you for posting it! These are good things to keep in mind to look for, and to ask about in interviews.