Thursday, July 17, 2008

Triple-A All Star Game

The Triple-A All Star Game was held in Louisville this year. Like the MLB All Star Game, it pits the "all stars" of Triple-A's Pacific Coast League with those of the International League. Unlike the MLB All Star Game, it didn't go on for fifteen innings. We watched the game on TV the night before, starting around the 7th inning. By the time it ended, it was past 1:30 in the morning - but we were too invested to turn it off before that. Dara and I represented the AL (and Yankees) fans while another lame dozen or so people rooted for the NL. The game was exciting (it would've been more exciting if we didn't have to worry about work the next morning), with both sides nearly winning in extra innings (so many bases-loaded jams!) and the AL running out of pitchers (with talk of J.D. Drew and Evan Longoria volunteering to pitch in the later innings). The Triple-A game was a little less thrilling, with the game scoreless (and actionless) until the bottom of the seventh inning when the IL scored twice. The PCL managed to put 6 (!) runs in the top of the ninth and managed to stop the three run comeback of the IL in the bottom of the ninth to win 6-5.

Jon's co-worker had four tickets she wasn't going to use and gave them to Jon...who wasn't going to use them and gave them to us! And to think, Katie wanted to actually buy tickets for this game weeks ago in advance. Don't let it ever be said that winging it never got anyone anywhere in life.

More interestingly, the crowd was entertained by the antics of the "Famous San Diego Chicken,"a crowd-pleasing (though violent - he injured the PCL shortstop doing back flips, among other staged fights) mascot.


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Rebecca said...

I hated that damn chicken. He was evil.