Monday, July 7, 2008


So tonight the plan is to have the Bulldogs watch two films made by independent local movie director Stu Pollard in the common room of our dorm, and then we'll have a Q and A session with him afterwards. Unfortunately for me, however, Mr. Pollard is being all finicky and movie director like. Screening the movies off a laptop onto a projector isn't good enough - the laptop might crash during the middle of the movie. Ok, I say to myself, why don't we hook up a dvd player to the projector, that would work, right? I talked to the IT desk at Bellarmine on Thursday, and they told me yes, that would work. I called today to set things up, and they informed me that sure, they could screen the movie with a dvd player and projector, but it wouldn't have any sound. At this point I'm beginning to panic. Luckily, the nice man at the IT desk is very helpful and friendly and recommended some classrooms on campus that would be good for a movie screening. Hopefully this will work, and my stress level can go down a little bit.

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Jon Markman said...

"the laptop might crash during the middle of the movie." Really? What is this, 1994?